Week of Oct. 30 – Nov. 3

Math Learning Goals:

We will continue our study of decimals.  Students will continue to add and subtract decimals and locate decimals on number lines.

Tuesday, Oct. 31- No Halloween costumes allowed for Intermediate students

Wednesday, Nov. 1- Early Release at 12:00 for teacher training

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back Saturday night, Nov. 4!

Math Learning Goals Oct. 23-27

We will continue our study of decimals.  Students will continue to compare and order decimals, and will place and order decimals on number lines.  This week we will begin adding and subtracting decimals.

Fourth Grade will have a Career Day this Tuesday.  Students will learn about different careers and how math is used in that profession.  Students will later choose a career they are interested in.  They will conduct research and create a presentation for their career choice.




Red Ribbon Week Oct. 23-27

Monday- ” I matter so I’m drug free.” – WEAR RED

Tuesday- “Don’t snooze- stay alert and away from drugs.” = WEAR DRESS CODE APPROPRIATE PAJAMAS

Wednesday- “Make your future bright.  Don’t do drugs!” – WEAR SPORTS/COLLEGE SHIRTS AND CRAZY SOCKS

Thursday- “Soar above the rest, be drug free!”  DRESS LIKE A SUPER HERO

Friday- “Outshine drugs!”- WEAR NEON

Oct. 9-13

Graded Paper Binders go home on Wednesday.

Friendly Reminder: Fundraiser orders and money due Thursday, Oct. 12th.

If going to Pep Rally, please send a note.

In math students are learning about decimals.

  • Students will represent decimals, including tenths and hundredths using models and money.
  • Students are expected to relate decimals to fractions.
  • Students are expected to compare decimals.



Week of Oct. 2-6


  • Early dismissal on Wednesday, Oct. 4, at 12:00 for teacher PLC training.

  • No pep rally this week.

  • Big Kahuna fundraiser continues through Oct. 12.

  • We are still seeking volunteers to come speak to us on Tuesday, October 24, for our Career Day.  Come share your expertise and how you use math in your job!  Be an inspiration to our future generation!