Math Learning Goals and Homework Aug 21-25

Math Learning Goals: 

  • This week we will continue to learn and practice CHAMPS procedures and classroom routines.
  • We will review place value through the hundred thousands from third grade, and we will learn about the millions and billions place value family this week.
  • We will be reviewing addition and subtraction with regrouping from third grade, but we will be working with larger numbers.
  • We will also be testing over the square multiplication facts and the twos.

WEDNESDAY  SQUARE QUIZ : Study  2×2=4   3×3=9  4×4=16  5×5=35  6×6=36  7×7=49   8×8=64  9×9=81 (Quiz only on these facts)

FRIDAY SQUARE AND TWOS QUIZ: Study all facts from Wednesday and 2×3=6  2×4=8  2×5=10 2×6=12  2×7=14  2×8=16  2×9=18 (Quiz on facts from Wednesday plus the twos)

Math Homework:  

  1. Study your square and twos multiplication facts
  2. “A Million Words or Less”  handout Due Friday Aug 25th.

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